My name is Justin Kemp.  I am a professional singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas.  Born in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I quickly moved through Mississippi and throughout Texas.  I am the second to youngest of eight brothers and sisters.  Which means all the music my brothers and sisters listened to was handed down to me.  I absorbed it all like a sponge!  Music has always been a big part of my life and continues to be.  I travel all over Texas and the US playing to crowds big and small.  I love every moment of it!


Texas Artist

With over 25 years’ experience on the music scene my main passion is song writing, but I also like to cut loose on stage solo or with The Justin Kemp Band.  One thing I love about Texas is the "Lonestar Attitude" that resonates within artists that come from this great state!  You can find me playing just about anywhere in Texas...from McAllen to Amarillo to Texarkana.  I am deep into my songwriting and love giving passionate and memorable performances.  


Future Recordings

Recording is one of the biggest costs for an artist these days!  You have to pay a pretty penny to get great recordings.  I would love your support!

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